If you don't understand this joke, you're going to be very, very lost.

Lucky Star is a comic series by Kagami Yoshimizu and serialized in Comptiq magazine since 2004. It was adapted into an anime by Kyoto Animation in 2007. It could readily be summarized as being Seinfeld but with otaku. Its comedy generally draws on references to other animated series, particularly other series adapted by KyoAni before 2007.

Plot SynopsisEdit

There's a plot to this thing? No, seriously, it's a show about nothing. There is no plot. It's just a show about otaku. You'll either love its gentle ribbing of otaku culture or it will hit far too close to home and cause you to rage

Although there is no direct overarching plot, it should be noted that this show is known for using profound metaphors such as "How to eat a chocolate horn?" to question the world we live in. At first sight this may seem mundane and trivial, the reality could indeed not be more different. By raising this question the show proposes a serious philosophical problem as to how we live our life. What decisions we make and why do we make them.

The show continues this trend with references to Shampoo ads which are clearly jabs at our capitalist consumerist society.


Before watching Lucky Star, watch these showsEdit

Since a large amount of the humor in Lucky Star references other series, it would be wise to have a grounding in shows it references heavily before wathcing it.

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