Wow, nice job Reddit. Not a goddamn word for Cowboy Bebop? Alright well sit that ass down because it's time to talk Bebop. Space Cowboys, cryogenically frozen girls, science so advanced it looks like magic. Sounds like a Joss Whedon series? Well, that's probably because Joss Whedon is a hack, but you already knew that. Anyway, does this show really need an introduction? It's been on Adult Swim since forever. Everyone literally always recommends it as the first thing to watch, and for good reason. It's a great series. That said, it really isn't as perfect as people act like it is. Ocassionally some of the episodes fall short, but that's rare. Very rare. It has some seriously funny moments (and not barely funny stuff like most comedy anime, where you might just acknowledge the joke as clever, or miss out because its some stupid japanese pun), a good amount of drama and a memorable cast of outlaws.


Spike and Jet go off in search of the couple bucks they need to buy food, ship parts, and gas, taking odds jobs along the way and meeting people to add as new members of their crew.

Watch it if:Edit

You've never really watched anime before, it's a good starting spot.

You have any semblemce of taste.