Clannad: AS (After Story)Edit

It works as both a sequel and a second season of Clannad. If you liked Clannad, then watch this. Because It's essentially just a better version of Clannad. If you didn't like Clannad, then get some fucking taste you pleb. Clannad is a must, if you intend to watch AS. Literally not negotiable. You will not understand SHIT, and there is a lot of foreshadowing that will be lost.


Everything sucks once again for our hero Tomoya Okazaki. Can he continue to move on and love life even when he lives in a world that clearly hates him? We'll find out. But actually though. It's about Tomoya and Nagisa, now a cute little couple, and how they go from being a typical highschool couple to a working class family, just trying to get by. Which is pretty fucking revolutionary. Unbelievable isn't it? It took until like, 2006, to make an anime that wasn't the same cliched trite romance shite. Fuck.

Watch it though, shit's insane.

Warning: May contain massive amounts of feelsEdit

Seriously, bring tissues. Not for fapping you sick fuck.